Simple Secure Identity Management

Cloud IDaaS for Internet End Users, Applications and Devices

Whether users are local or spread across the world, they must connect quickly and reliably. Today, public cloud service networks provide optimised performance to access protected resources via global private networks. These advances enable a new level of automation and artificial intelligence of transport, agribusiness, manufacturing and energy distribution to name a few, at a fraction of past private network costs. However, the last mile from the private network to the end user is still either a porous VPN or the public internet. And this is where the data breaches are occurring. The challenge is to secure the resources from the network point-of-presence to the end user. Verviam Identity and Network Services does just that by providing encrypted sign up and sign in to a choice of regional or global transit gateway over the public internet, without exposing any private data.

CyberSecurity Monitoring Solution integrated with a Software Defined Perimeter: As one of the key pillars of Zero Trust, this is a critical component of any cloud security architecture. Contact us for a demonstration.  

Verviam Dashboards - Overview

Verviam Dashboards - Detection

Verviam offers a range of cyber security monitoring solutions for internet access, work from home, multi-cloud network connections to and from enterprise data centers - custom solutions integrating existing logging and monitoring.

Security Monitoring, Logging, SIEM, Endpoint Prevention and Detection, and SOAR (Security Orchestration Automated Response) technology dashboards are based on machine learning and AI capabilities from collected data to identify potential and actual attacks. AI models use multiple linear regression analysis of past events as training for detection and prevention models. As collected data  accelerates, major refinements will become available over the coming decade. Operational logs have  to be carefully analyzed for insight capabilities for both streaming and time series data.  Verviam offers semi automated CSMS with the potential for training anomaly detection over time with sufficient data from particular Customer Use Cases. 

Automated Logging and Monitoring Services include: - Network Layer Access, Authentication Gateway, Web Application Firewall, Developer and Administrator Access, Anomaly Reporting, Alerts and Alarms. Best practice Security Reference Architecture contains specifications for the key deliverables. See Cloud Migration Security Guide

1. Identity and Access Management :  Manage identity and access for your cloud administrators, application developers and application users.

2. Infrastructure Security :Handles network security, secure connectivity and secure compute infrastructure.

3. Application Security :Address application vulnerabilities and the effectiveness of application security measures.

4. Data Security :Discover, Categorize, Protect Data & Information Assets including protection of data at rest and in transit

5. Secure Dev-Ops :Securely acquire, develop, deploy and maintain cloud services, applications and infrastructure

6. Security Monitoring and Intelligence :Provide visibility into cloud infrastructure, data and applications in real time and manage security incidents

7. Security Governance, Risk and Compliance :Maintain policy, audit and compliance measures, meeting corporate policies, solutionspecific regulations and governing laws