Simple Secure Identity Management

Cloud IDaaS for Internet End Users, Applications and Devices

Identity Management for Internet User Access to Secure Systems    See product information.

Today communications are potentially global, with interconnectivity across international boundaries. The current generation of security technology is no match for well funded attackers, resourced at the level large corporations and governments spend on cyber defence. The best protection for private data is encryption. Only the account holder has access to clear text private details at the time of input into the browser. Verviam provides a secret key and PKI key pair for each account holder, rotated on demand.

Verviam provides a Zero Trust network layer 2020 data privacy protection solution.

Why Choose Verviam?

The most vulnerable part of any Identity Management system is the initial registration, and the sign in prior to the issue of identity tokens. The most common exploit is identity fraud, capturing or counterfeiting identity credentials and access tokens. As all data access depends on privileges that can be compromised by persistent, carefully planned and patient interception attacks, the race against global fraud is underway. The success of these attacks is not only because of poor implementation of security and lack of threat modeling, but also because the information protocols, initially developed in the twentieth century, inherited from hub and spoke network configuration on private infrastructure.

Set up an account. Verviam Identity Management is fully GDPR compliant.

Your endpoints are protected by a signed JWT bearer token and field level encryption. Your keys are kept secure by AWS KMS, PKI and key rotation. All connections are encrypted over the internet. Current authentication mechanisms are often complex and display insecurities in the identity lifecycle. Verviam does not handle, or store customer, end user, application or device information unencrypted. In fact Verviam collects a bare minimum of private data. In addition to encryption, your data is protected by best practise security with cloud infrastructure platform and perimeter defences.

Credentials and Endpoints

An end user ID may be person ID, device ID, or application client ID. Credentials are key-value pairs. Common Use Cases are UserID/Password, ClientID/Secret, ID and OAuth/OpenID/SAML/JWT tokens. Verviam issues encrypted JWS tokens validated at a secure API Gateway, before REST URIs are retrieved from encrypted storage, then forwarded to configured endpoints.